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OGF Business Support Services

OGF Business Support Services
 Is An Omnibus Global Foundation Initiative Tailored To Deliver Core Business Support Services To Nigerian Entrepreneurs And Their Businesses.

OGF Business Support Services Is Involved In:
- Business Digital Marketing Solutions
- Business Technology & Power Solutions 
- Business Loans & Risk Management
- Financial Planning & Advisory
- Business Investment Advisory
- Business Mentor-ship
- Business Micro-Finance
- Business Marketing
- Business Management
- Business Planning & Strategy
- Business Micro-Insurance
- Business Reports

- Business Proposals & Write-Ups
- Business Cooperative Savings & Loans
- Target Savings Deposits
- Fixed Deposit Investments

Omnibus Global Small Business Support Packages:

Starter Package:
@ N60,000 Includes:
- 1 Mini-Biz. Structure
- 100 Biz. Flyers
- 100 Biz. Cards
- 1 Biz. Letter Head

- 1 Biz. Website
- 1yr. Biz. Web-Hosting

Intermediate Package:
@ N80,000 Includes: 
- 1 Mini-Biz. Structure
- 200 Biz. Flyers
- 200 Biz. Cards
- 1 Biz. Letter Head Design
- 1 Official Biz. Stamp
- 1 Biz. Website
- 1yr. Biz. Web-Hosting
- Biz. Web-Content Advisory

Professional Package:
@ N110,000 Includes:
- 1 Mini-Biz. Plan
- 1 Biz. Structure
- 300 Biz. Flyers
- 300 Biz. Cards
- 1 Biz. Letter Head
- 1 Biz. Website
- 1yr. Biz. Web-Hosting
- Biz. Web-Content Advisory
- Biz. Mentor-ship

Expert Package:
@ N180,000 Includes:
- 1 Mini-Biz. Plan
- 1 Biz. Structure
- 500 Biz. Flyers
- 500 Biz. Cards
- 2 Biz. Letter Heads
- 1 Biz. Website
- 1yr. Biz. Web-Hosting
- Biz. Web-Content Advisory
- Biz. Staff Training
- Biz. Finance Training
- Biz. Strategy Training
- Biz. Brand Training
- Biz. Mktg. Training
- Biz. Tech. Training
- Biz. Mgt. Training
- Full Biz. Mentor-ship

As Small Business Consultants With Great Bias For Micro, Small & Medium Sized Businesses; We Have Been Involved With Business Start-Ups, Business Finance, Business Technologies, Business Marketing And Project Management.

Over The Years, We Have Been Able To Show Business Owners, Managers And The Self-Employed Persons How To Use Efficient Business & Management Solutions To Increase Their Profits.

We Have Also Shown A Number Of Business Owners How To Grow Their Businesses, Free Up Their Time, Transform Their Internet Strategy And Radically Shift Their Entrepreneurial Thinking.

We Combine Successful Business Strategies, Sustainable Performance Management, And Integrated Marketing Techniques With Powerful Developments In Advanced Thinking To Show Business Owners How To Sharpen Their Mind And Strengthen Their Businesses.

- Incorporated Trustees Registration, Corporate Affairs Commission
- Member, Institute Of Strategic Management
- Member, Association Of Non-Bank Microfinance Institutions
- Money Lenders Certificate
- Loan & Risk Management Practicing License

Omnibus Global Foundation Through Omnibus Global Communications Will Also Offer Highly Subsidized Communication Services To OGF Members.
Omnibus Global Communications Offers A Wide Range Of Services Ranging From Media Planning And Buying Support, Development Of E-Media Strategy, Negotiation, And Implementation, To Viral-Email And Bulksms Marketing Campaigns

-Media Planning And Buying
-Concepts And Creatives
-Copy Writing
-Graphics And Design
-Printing And Publishing
-Personal And Corporate Branding
-Brand Strategy Development And Implementation
-Branding And Interiors
-Newspaper Ad Campaigns
-Photography (Image3)
-Videography (Visualplus)

Copy Services, Large Format, Print Solutions, Digital Printing, Digital Offset Printing, Color Printing, Book And Binding

Annual Reports, Book Printing, Business Cards, Cards & Invitations, Dvd Replication, Labels, Newsletters & Flyers, Postcards, Promotional Products, Stationery, Yearbooks, Banners, Booklets, Catalogs, Envelopes, Letterheads, Photo Prints & Enlargements, Posters, Retail & Restaurant Items, Trade Show Materials, Brochures, Calendars, Forms, Manuals, Presentation Materials, Signs, Training & Educational Materials

This Is A Way Of Soliciting Buyers By Selling To Them Directly From Offline And Internet-Based Publications, Adverts, Branding,Viral-Email, And  Bulksms Marketing Campaigns, Helping To Shape The Way Organizations Apply Direct And Interactive Global Marketing Methods To All Marketing, Sales, Customer Service Activity.

They Include:
-Pre And Post Weddings Website Design, Hosting And Management
-Personal Website Design, Hosting And Management
-Corporate Website Design, Hosting And Management
-Events Website Design, Hosting And Management
-Events Website Design, Hosting And Management
-Institutional Website Design, Hosting And Management
-Website Search Engine Optimization
-E-Mail Marketing
-Sms Marketing
-Social Network Marketing
-Pay Per Click Online Advertising And Management
-Web Banner Ads Creation
-Events Presence And Networking Management
-Internet-TV Productions
-Brochures Production
-Flyers Production

This Involves Using Effective Tools For Offline And Internet-Based Marketing Communication, Creating Awareness And Credibility.
Our Online Marketing Public Relations Advertising Entails Using Structured Relation Goals Such As:

Crisis Communications Management:
Identifying Problems, And Taking Corrective Measures, Rebuilding Company Name Through The Use Of The Internet.

Global Reputation Management:
Helping To Keep Company's Reputation Globally

Creation Of Internet-Based Publications:
Writing Of Articles, News Release, Letters.
-Article Marketing
-Disaster And Crisis Management
-Radio Programmes
-Radio Interviews
-Television Interviews
-Newspaper And Magazine Interviews
-Press Conferences
-Newspaper Publications
-Press Releases
-Blog Creation And Content Management
-Online Reputation Management

-In-Bar Promotions
-Road Shows
-In-Door Promotions
-Souvenirs Promotions

OGF Business Support Services
Tel. +2348185000488

OGF Business Support Services
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