oil palm export earnings from nigeria

oil palm export earnings from nigeria
$9 BILLION SPENT BY INDIA IMPORTING OIL PALM FROM NIGERIA The oil palm originated in West Africa but has since been planted successfully in tropical regions within 20 degrees of the equator. There is evidence of palm oil use in Ancient Egypt. In the Republic of the Congo, or Congo Brazzaville, precisely in the Northern part, not far from Ouesso, local people produce this oil by hand.
They harvest the fruit, boil it to let the water part evaporate, then they press what is left in order to collect the reddish, orange colored oil. In 1995, Malaysia was the world's largest producer with 51% of world production. Since 2007, Indonesia emerged the world's largest producer of palm oil producing approximately 50% of world palm oil volume. Worldwide palm oil production during the 2005-2006 growing season was 39.8 million metric tons, of which 4.3 million tons was in the form of palm kernel oil. It is thus by far the most widely-produced tropical oil, and constitutes thirty percent of total edible oil production worldwide.

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