Export Promotion Policies in African Countries: New Approaches to Trade Development in Africa

Export promotion is a wide-ranging policy initiative that has many components and dimensions. Policies and strategies for export promotion are designed to:
· enhance the marketability of exportables through product diversification and quality improvement;
· strengthen and improve the institutional framework for providing better support services to exporters and export-oriented industries;

· establish backward linkages between export-oriented industries and primary sectors for the utilisation of local raw materials;
· attract an increased number of entrepreneurs for setting up export-oriented industries and encourage them through the provision of suitable incentive packages, as well as appropriate human resources development programmes for the promotion of entrepreneurial and managerial skills in the context of a competitive international environment;
· expand and consolidate existing export markets as well as create new markets for African exportables;
· ensure the removal of procedural and regulatory bottlenecks incompatible with the attainment of the objectives of an export-led growth policy;
· promote programmes for developing export-oriented knowledge-based resources, including computer software, Internet facilities and electronic commerce, engineering and consultancy services;
· diversify and increase the exportation of high value-added manufactured products, that depend on the natural resources where Africa has comparative advantage; and
· encourage the acquisition and adaptation of environment-friendly technologies to ensure that African products meet the required international standards.

African Development Bank
Economic Research Working Paper Series
Enhancing Africa’s Trade: From Marginalization
to an Export-Led Approach to Development
Milton A. Iyoha
Professor, Department of Economics & Statistics
University of Benin, Nigeria
Economic Research Working Paper
No 77 (August 2005)

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