Agricultural and Marketing Export Premium Business Support Service from Agriculture, Marketing, Agro Commodities, Trade, Training & Exports World in Nigeria

The Export Premium Business Support Service (EPBSS) offered by EXPORT-PRO enables both intending and existing exporters to have easy and swift access to all export information and advisory services. This service therefore enables an exporter to make an informed decision in the export process which include export planning, contract sourcing, product sourcing, export logistics, export documentation and export financing. This service can be accessed by clients from both outside Lagos and outside Nigeria without meeting us physically.
This service covers the following areas:

1. Local product price enquiries
2. Registering a limited liability company.
3. Obtaining an Export License from the Nigerian Export Promotion Council
4. Preparing and Planning your export
5. Securing an Export Contract
6. Sourcing for products and Transporting them to Lagos
7. Processing NXP form and payment of NESS fees (through our bankers)
8. Arranging for warehousing and Inspection
9. Engaging a freight forwarder
10.Booking a truck and container
11.Loading and sealing of container
12.Transportation and GIT insurance to port
13.Customs Inspection at the port
14.Delivery to the shipping line
15.Obtaining Transport Document from the shipping line
16.Obtaining Inspection report from Cobalt
17.Obtaining Customs documents
18.Forwarding documents to supplier (directly or via our bank)
19.Submission of Post Export Documentations to the bank
20.receipt of Export Proceeds

BENEFITS1.Speedy response to all export enquiries

2.Clients ride on our experience to avoid costly mistake and thus prevent losses
3.Through our advisory services, client can take inform decision and improve their
4.This service is available to clients outside Lagos and overseas. So our clients do not have to meet us physically to enjoy the service.

REGISTRATION FEESThis service costs N20,000 with an expiry period of one month. However, we have good discounts for clients that want to subscribe for longer period. The table below shows the subscription period and the fee payable for each period.

1 month-  N20,000
2 months- N35,000
3 months- N55,000
4 months- N75,000
5 months- N95,000
6 months- N115,000

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