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solar power

A brief introduction to solar technology

A photovoltaic panel (or solar panel) is a packaged interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells. They are used as components in a larger solar system to provide electricity for civil, commercial and residential applications. The solar system harnesses energy from the sun, and converts it into energy that can be used for multiple practical applications.

Why Solar Power?

Solar technology provides environmental and social advantages over other energy sources. Some of the advantages are:

- Low energy costs: The sun provides solar radiation for FREE

- Low maintenance: Fewer moveable parts means fewer parts can break

- No emissions: Solar lighting does not contribute to global warming

- All day: Solar solutions continue working even if there is a Power Cut

- Easy installation: There are no confusing wires – each system is independent

Why in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, not only is the cost of electricity a burden, the supply of electricity is unpredictable, unreliable and in many cases – unavailable! This makes alternatives energy solutions such as solar energy vital to our lives, and critical for our economic development. Recognizing the importance of this, the Government of Nigeria has set up the Energy Commission of Nigeria with the statutory mandate to coordinate national policies in the field of energy. This apex government organ is empowered to promote the diversification of the energy resources through the development and optimal utilization of all alternative Energy resources, including Solar Energy.

Why Us?

We partner with the proud recipient of the Outstanding Solar Company of the Year Award, conferred at the prestigious Media Nite Out Awards ceremony. After all, not all solar panels are created equal! There are large variations in durability, performance and price. We recognize that one of the major advantages of solar solutions is their longevity and reliability. In order for our clients to realize these benefits, it is imperative that we source only the highest quality solar products, and back them up with pre-sales and after-sales customer service and support. Our consultative approach to selling has been a key part of our success to date. Our panels are ISO 9001/2000 and IEC 61215 certified, while our advanced technology, Cobra Head LEDs, deliver higher lumens (brightness intensity) than alternate products available in the market.

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